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Re: Doc packages (Was: Schedule to migrate to SVN repository)

On Wed, 30 Jun 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

> But this will be used to build the cdd-* packages. Not to built the
> #CDD#-doc package. If the user need one documentation package he
> should choose what he like to use.
> cdd-doc can use sgml and med-doc, built using cdd-dev, latex. I don't
> see any problem on it.
Well, the problem is IMHO the following: Currently med-doc uses
SGML with linuxdoc DTD.  A (currently) imaginary np-doc package uses
XML with any DTD and a (currently) imaginary jr-doc package uses
for instance debiandoc-sgml.  If cdd-dev should provide a Build-Depends
from the doc tool we now would have to build depend from at least three
different packages (probably even more).  This really sucks.  This can
be fixed by either

    1. Force people to write their docs with only one tool.
    2. Keep the doc package outside.

If you ask me personally I could live with forcing people to "the best"
tool, but my Free Software real live experience showed that this does not

Kind regards


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