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Re: Which packages a CDD is composed of? [Was: Integrating cdd-dev with dh-make]

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> I'm in the process of doing that :) I have already some of my packages
> in Debian  and  Guenter Geiger will   be my advocate.  I only  need to
> personally give  my fingerprint to  DD. I'll  attend the  workshop  in
> Valenica on the CDDs, which will be a good occasion for that.
See you next week (provided that the travel agency manages to offer me a flight).

> Uhm,  I just can't find  the path to  open a ToDo  tracker for the cdd
> project, hints?
Same for me. :-(

> Maybe there's some misunderstanding here.  The <CDD>-doc package would
> provide automatically  generated and/or manually written documentation
> in various formats. If we  want to publish them  on  the web it  would
> just be a matter of installing the  package on the machine running the
> http server, with  graphical tunings if  needed (ideally the <CDD>-doc
> package would provide also a format which holds  only the contents and
> the layout of the pages, not the graphical style and appearance).
This is absolutely fine.  The only reason why I would like to keep for
instance wml files away from the <CDD>-doc package is that it does not matter
to our users.  It is an issue we as developers are responsible.  We as
the developers of these packages need some tools for providing online
documentation what we are doing.  This might just confuse users.

> But maybe what you have in mind is to install  the scripts directly on
> the server  and let it generate  the  documentation parsing  the <CDD>
> source  package, or  even  just  the  dependences of  the  binary task
> packages.
If you want to do this, just go for it.  But I guess the hurdles for
this are a little bit higher ...

Kind regards


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