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Re: Which packages a CDD is composed of? [Was: Integrating cdd-dev with dh-make]

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> I   thought I already  had   an account, even if   it  is a  guest one
> (free-guest). I was even able to commit some typos I fixed..
Ahh, yes - I should have checked before writing this.  (You can
only have a guest account if you are not a developer - but you can
apply for becoming an official developer ... ;-) ).

> Do I need to get a "ordinary" (as opposed to guest) account?
No - just tell me if something does not work what you are expecting
to work.  We have just to fiddle around with the user permissions.

> IMHO  the key aspect  of  the common package  is to  provide a way  to
> choose on which users  the customisation  (menu, configs or  whatever)
> should take effect, and I this is need of all CDDs.
This was exactly my impression when I started to build the common package.

> Anyhow  if we   agree  at   least on   the  tasks/  structure,  I  can
> modify/write  the code as necessary.  I think I  can do it in the next
> days.
Note: It might be reasonable to send a hint to the debian-edu list
if you might probably break something of their stuff.  I did not
notice anybody from debian-edu people here on this list and they
might have comments if you point them to the start of this thread.
My current scripts need no change to their stuff.

> I  mean, the  whole point is   to generate the documentation from  the
> tasks/  hierarchy,  isn't it?   Then we provide   a package  with this
> documentation (e.g. mycdd-doc) and everybody can do what he wants with
> it..
No doubt that this is possible.  But my concern goes a little bit
further.  When I was asked on exhibition boothes about Debian-Med in
special and CDD in general it was hard to point to very detailed
documentation.  If you only have a CDD-doc package it is fine for
people who use Debian.  But we need some detailed information on
the web to convince outsiders.  An overview over the integrated packages
of a task might be a good start here.

Kind regards


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