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Re: Which packages a CDD is composed of? [Was: Integrating cdd-dev with dh-make]

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> Ok,  is there  a  way  to open  Feature  Request and  ToDo trackers on
> Alioth,  as   an ordinary GForge site?   I  find GForge  trackers very
> useful..
Sure.  Tell just create an Alioth account and I'll add you to the
developers list there.  We should have at least one of each CDD
with write access in the project.  Then you can do what you like. ;-)

>   |_ debian/
>   |
>   |_ tasks/
>        |
>        |_ common/
>        |    |
>        |    |_ README
>        |    |_ control
>        |    |_ conf
While thos is not a big matter I would vote for the layout I have choosen
for debian-med.  Common resides in the main directory because it
is different in terms of structure from the other packages.
Please have a look at debian-med source.  It is released and works.
>        |
>        |_ task1/
>             |
>             |_ README
>             |_ [*.]control
>             |_ [*.]menu
>             |_ [*.]debconf
>             |_ [*.]cfengine
>             |_ ...
This is probably better than my approach because I splitted menu
from the tasks dir which might not be the best idea ...

> where [*.] means that files  can optionally be splitted in  sub1.menu,
> sub2.menu or sub1.cfengine, sub2.cfengine, if files get to big.
> The "common"  task is mandatory, because it  provides it registers the
> CDD  in  /etc/cdd,  provides   role   support (it  might   extend  its
> functionalities in future).
While I see it similar, debian-edu works without common package.  BUt this
might change.

> The "control" files are equivalent to the former tasks/* files.
> Then  debhelper like scripts take  care of properly handle the various
> information, installing files and possibly   adding chunks of code  to
> the postinst and postrm scripts:
> cdd-gen-control
> cdd-install-menu
> cdd-install-debconf
> cdd-install-cfengine

> Finally I've  read  that cdd-install-helper currently scans  the docs/
> directory for .txt files.   If  understand correctly these .txt  files
> should be written in case a given package has no menu entry, isn't it?

> In this case  I think that  we should either file   a bug against  the
> package which doesn't provide the menu file, or  generate a menu entry
> which displays the man page of such  package, rather then an home made
> .txt file. If even the manual page is present, then  this is a serious
> bug of the  package and we should  try to write  it and send it to the
> maintainer.
Perhaps you might read the *.txt files of debian-med and tell me what
you think about it.

> I think that  debian website can  simply  use the files  contained in,
> let's say, mycdd-doc, which  contains documentation in various formats
> (i.e.  suitable for various  type of  display)  and is generated  by a
> debhelper script (cdd-install-doc?).
I'm not completely settled my mind in this question.

Kind regards and thanks for your comments


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