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Re: Which packages a CDD is composed of? [Was: Integrating cdd-dev with dh-make]

>>>>> On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 22:38:55 +0200 (CEST), Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> said:

    Andreas> On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
    >> I thought I already had an account, even if it is a guest one
    >> (free-guest). I was even able to commit some typos I fixed..
    Andreas> Ahh, yes - I should have checked before writing this.
    Andreas> (You can only have a guest account if you are not a
    Andreas> developer - but you can apply for becoming an official
    Andreas> developer ... ;-) ).

I'm in the process of doing that :) I have already some of my packages
in Debian  and  Guenter Geiger will   be my advocate.  I only  need to
personally give  my fingerprint to  DD. I'll  attend the  workshop  in
Valenica on the CDDs, which will be a good occasion for that.

    >> Do I need to get a "ordinary" (as opposed to guest) account?

    Andreas> No - just tell me if something does not work what you are
    Andreas> expecting to work.  We have just to fiddle around with
    Andreas> the user permissions.

Uhm,  I just can't find  the path to  open a ToDo  tracker for the cdd
project, hints?

    >> IMHO the key aspect of the common package is to provide a way
    >> to choose on which users the customisation (menu, configs or
    >> whatever) should take effect, and I this is need of all CDDs.

    Andreas> This was exactly my impression when I started to build
    Andreas> the common package.

    >> Anyhow if we agree at least on the tasks/ structure, I can
    >> modify/write the code as necessary.  I think I can do it in the
    >> next days.

    Andreas> Note: It might be reasonable to send a hint to the
    Andreas> debian-edu list if you might probably break something of
    Andreas> their stuff.  I did not notice anybody from debian-edu
    Andreas> people here on this list and they might have comments if
    Andreas> you point them to the start of this thread.  My current
    Andreas> scripts need no change to their stuff.

Yes, I'll definitively  do it. I'm  going to write a detailed proposal
on the modifications I'd do to the current cdd source package and send
it around.

    >> I mean, the whole point is to generate the documentation from
    >> the tasks/ hierarchy, isn't it?  Then we provide a package with
    >> this documentation (e.g. mycdd-doc) and everybody can do what
    >> he wants with it..

    Andreas> No doubt that this is possible.  But my concern goes a
    Andreas> little bit further.  When I was asked on exhibition
    Andreas> boothes about Debian-Med in special and CDD in general it
    Andreas> was hard to point to very detailed documentation.  If you
    Andreas> only have a CDD-doc package it is fine for people who use
    Andreas> Debian.  But we need some detailed information on the web
    Andreas> to convince outsiders.  An overview over the integrated
    Andreas> packages of a task might be a good start here.

Maybe there's some misunderstanding here.  The <CDD>-doc package would
provide automatically  generated and/or manually written documentation
in various formats. If we  want to publish them  on  the web it  would
just be a matter of installing the  package on the machine running the
http server, with  graphical tunings if  needed (ideally the <CDD>-doc
package would provide also a format which holds  only the contents and
the layout of the pages, not the graphical style and appearance).

But maybe what you have in mind is to install  the scripts directly on
the server  and let it generate  the  documentation parsing  the <CDD>
source  package, or  even  just  the  dependences of  the  binary task



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