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Re: attemp to modularize

On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> We have a tool for creating KDE menus for groups of users, showing
> different programs in the K menu based on the group membership.  It is
> currently called kschoolmenu.  I suspect it could form the base for a
> generic tool to edit the menus of CDDs.
This would be *really* great.  The current menu system works really great
for window managers but is a complete failure with Gnome or KDE.  Unfortunately
most of the target users will probably use the later ones ...

> My current plan for the tool
> is to rename it (get rid of the school part, it is not school
> related), and upload it into Debian.
IMHO the perfect target would be the cdd package and feel free to move it to


This will be also usefull for debian-dektop.  BTW, I have the feeling that
debian-desktop is moving from the originally stated goal to make Debian
an easy to use desktop to the goal to provide up to date packages.  While
I have no problem with this new goal I'm very keen on not loosing the
former one out of focus.  The plan to rewrite the menu system is now more
than two years old but nothing was released until now.  So we should try
to work out something for the moment.

> I'm not sure if it work in KDE 3
> (I believe it do), and would also like it to work with the generic
> menu framework in Debian instead of only KDE menus.
If I'm not completely wrong Gnome and KDE menus comply to freedesktop.org
standards and thus it should not be really hard to get it working with
both main desktops.

> The source is in
> Skolelinux CVS, and the binaries for woody in this APT source:
>   deb ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/skolelinux/ woody local
> Any skilled KDE and/or Debian menu developer around?
Unfortunately I do not know very much about this topic. :-(

Kind regards


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