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Re: Live CDs for CDDs

>>>>> On Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:21:03 -0300, Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> said:

    Ben> On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 07:44:09PM +0200, Cosimo Alfarano
    Ben> wrote:
    >> Anyway it's surely easier (and quicker) to use and extend
    >> Knoppix then create a Debian based Live CD from scratch.

    Ben> Probably true, but what is your point?  I think the idea here
    Ben> is to do what is right, not what is easy.  It could be the
    Ben> other way around (i.e. easier to create a Debian based Live
    Ben> CD from scratch) if we'd just write the necessary scripts to
    Ben> do it.

Guys, sorry for the late reply. I've read all  this thread and here is
a little kind of summary to clear my (your) mind(s):

- both Sergio and Andreas stated pretty well what is the goal:


  maybe it could be useful to integrate them and add details

- Pete has already written some  scripts, which could possibly be used
  as a starting point:


- We all would like   to work on the issue,   either from scratch   or
  starting from knoppix, but we have no time ;-)

IMHO we should  try not to waste what  has already be  done.

I do not know anything about  Morphix, but Knoppix  seems to work fine
to me,  and my only  complain is that  working  on it is  a little bit
messy. I  think that if we  could benefit  from the  help of  Klaus it
should not be to hard  to "extract" all  the knoppix specific code and
package it somehow, letting people to use the bottom-up approach.

After that, if  the  knoppix team  itself  could develop  any  further
improvement directly on these  packages  and not on  they're  specific
framework  (I  guess they are   simply updating and hacking  a chroot,
releasing it regularly), then it would be perfect.

As I mentioned a  while ago, I'm planning   to go to the  Karlsruhe on
April 29 for the Linux Audio Meeting,  and I maybe  I could meet Klaus
personally in that occasion. If we try to further clear the details of
what we want   to  obtain and write  down   a sort   of  specification
document, then I think I can talk to him and see  what they can do for
us and what we can do for them.

After  that the  idea   is to create   a  development  framework where
everyone of us can contribute with little efforts, without spending to
much time.

These are just thoughts and I don't really know if it is feasible plan
or not. What do you all think?


Free Ekanayaka

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