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Re: attemp to modularize

On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Cosimo Alfarano wrote:

> I'm moving here a discussion about cdd-* scripts in CVS on alioth.
Fine.  I think we should point other readers to the subject of this thread:


(More or less the files which were uploaded by author kalfa.)

BTW, I added you to the Uploaders field of the debian/control file.

I'd suggest to change lines containing




and call the scripts with

      CONFROOT="." cdd-user [options]

for testing purposes.  This way we would not need patching for the Debian
package release.

> What should be done by Debian subproject is a list of needings and
> projectual decision with their reasons: what they'd need in a
> super-infrastructure which achieves to handle CDD generic issues.
> - users and groups registering
> - menu handling
IMHO the perfect place to handle such kind of TODO-List is


> It's useless to work on LDAP, if the ones who is using it are moving
> toward cerebrum, for example.
> We could move to cerebrum directly if 'pro' are more then 'contra' (for
> example, it is wrappable inside sh scripts).
Well, I do not know either of them so I can't comment on it.

Kind regards


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