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Re: attemp to modularize

I'm moving here a discussion about cdd-* scripts in CVS on alioth.

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 04:26:37PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> > Anyway, now cdd-user installs menus in /etc/cdd/<CDD>/menu/* in
> > ~/.cdd-menu/, then ~/.menu/cdd-menu include all the previous menus, so
> > that we do not touch .menu/ except for one file, and it's easy to
> > remove/update.
> Thanks.  Will need to reserve some time to finally using this with Debian 
> Jr.

Well, I'm evaluating how to integrate what Petter said about d-edu plans
with the cdd-common package. Any ideas?

What should be done by Debian subproject is a list of needings and
projectual decision with their reasons: what they'd need in a
super-infrastructure which achieves to handle CDD generic issues.

- users and groups registering
- menu handling

is what cdd-common is trying to obtain, for instance.

In this way we can have a whole view of CDDs.

It's useless to work on LDAP, if the ones who is using it are moving
toward cerebrum, for example.
We could move to cerebrum directly if 'pro' are more then 'contra' (for
example, it is wrappable inside sh scripts).


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