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Re: burning smell

Am Mon, 2003-03-31 um 02.24 schrieb Pigeon:
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 11:36:39PM +0200, Matthias Hentges wrote:
> > Am Son, 2003-03-30 um 22.31 schrieb Mike Beattie:


> It's said to be possible to receive a lethal shock from a car battery
> if you use two buckets of salt water to make contact. I haven't made
> any experiments with this arrangement yet.
> I've also heard of someone whose party trick was to stick a live 240V
> cable on his tongue.
> > > Honestly? I'm quite capable of withstanding 6-8kV from an electric fence,
> Electric fences: When in the country, take care peeing in the dark.

Hehe how true.

> > Well that depends, <50mA can kill you if the current flows through your
> > heart. 
> FWIW RCDs are usually set to go at 30mA. The time involved makes a
> difference too. I have a mate who blew a 5A fuse by shorting mains
> through his body, from one hand to the other.

5A? Wow. This must be one lucky guy.

>  Some people have
> survived direct lightning strikes (helps to be thoroughly soaked
> first). 

Right. But i personally prefer death to having 80% of my skin burned :(

> Maybe it's because they have misunderstood this that people
> install electric showers without an RCD or even a decent earth.

Darwin Award, anyone? :)

> > > > There's nothing like repairing an AC adapter and getting the shock of
> > > > your live because it has 3 (!!!) 1F capacitors in parallel.
> A whole farad? At mains voltage? Those are some BIG capacitors...

Oh well, my technical english sucks ;) I was talking about an 230VAC to
12VDC converter. The 3 cpacitators were loaded with 230V anyways hehe.
And yes, we have some spare "BIG" 1F capacitators lying around. They are
the size of a Coke tin (umm i wonder if tin is the right word)

> > > > Man 230VAC *do* hurt ;)
> 330VDC hurts more :-)

Heh, i think so. I'm already getting used to 230V lol. My personal
record is 4 shocks in one month *sigh*, stupid me.

> > > Friend of mine works at an electronics repair store here.. Once his boss was
> > > working on an appliance, and forgot to turn the power off when he went away
> > > to do something else. Came back, put his hand in the wrong place, and just
> > > quietly said. "Oh, shit. Mains."
> Depends how well earthed you are, of course. After a while you develop
> a sense for this...
> > Shit happens ;-)
> That too depends on the size of the jolt...


My boss told me the story of a mechanic who should repair something at a
transformer station at my company. Well there were two stations and he
was told to repair the *left* one. Apparently he had a problem with left
and right...
That was *one* hell of an ugly death.

And there was the cleaning crew which should remove dust from a
transformer station. Same problem with left and right. One out of four


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