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Re: burning smell

Am Son, 2003-03-30 um 22.31 schrieb Mike Beattie:
> [folks, it's considered polite to trim quotes]
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 09:31:49PM +0200, Matthias Hentges wrote:
> > shock because the insulation tester doesn't deliver much Amps.
> "deliver much current (Amps)." would be a better way to write that.

Thanks. I'll try to remember that.

> > While a shock < 300VAC doesn't harm you most of the time, 4KV are
> > guaranteed 100% deadly.
> Its the Volts that Jolt, and the Mills that Kill.
> Meaning milliamps, a measurement of current that rhymes with Kill :P

Of course i had "mains" in mind. Not some 20mA electric fence ;)

> Honestly? I'm quite capable of withstanding 6-8kV from an electric fence, so
> I imagine I'd be quite able to withstand much much higher. and you can. it's
> just not advisable. It hurts, and does weird stuff to your body. But, it
> *wont* kill you, unless you've got a lot of current flowing.

Well that depends, <50mA can kill you if the current flows through your

> > There's nothing like repairing an AC adapter and getting the shock of
> > your live because it has 3 (!!!) 1F capacitors in parallel.
> > Man 230VAC *do* hurt ;)
> Friend of mine works at an electronics repair store here.. Once his boss was
> working on an appliance, and forgot to turn the power off when he went away
> to do something else. Came back, put his hand in the wrong place, and just
> quietly said. "Oh, shit. Mains."

Shit happens ;-)

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