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Re: burning smell

[folks, it's considered polite to trim quotes]

On Sun, Mar 30, 2003 at 09:31:49PM +0200, Matthias Hentges wrote:
> shock because the insulation tester doesn't deliver much Amps.

"deliver much current (Amps)." would be a better way to write that.

> While a shock < 300VAC doesn't harm you most of the time, 4KV are
> guaranteed 100% deadly.

Its the Volts that Jolt, and the Mills that Kill.
Meaning milliamps, a measurement of current that rhymes with Kill :P

Honestly? I'm quite capable of withstanding 6-8kV from an electric fence, so
I imagine I'd be quite able to withstand much much higher. and you can. it's
just not advisable. It hurts, and does weird stuff to your body. But, it
*wont* kill you, unless you've got a lot of current flowing.

> There's nothing like repairing an AC adapter and getting the shock of
> your live because it has 3 (!!!) 1F capacitors in parallel.
> Man 230VAC *do* hurt ;)

Friend of mine works at an electronics repair store here.. Once his boss was
working on an appliance, and forgot to turn the power off when he went away
to do something else. Came back, put his hand in the wrong place, and just
quietly said. "Oh, shit. Mains."

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  CPU's dont tend to work very well after their "magic smoke" has escaped.

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