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Re: women in debian

Magni Onsøien wrote:
> I am currently trying to show Debian to my brother. It works slowly by
> slowly. But I really can't imagine he is going to read 10 mail lists.
> This is a problem, because I got most of my experince browsing
> Internet and asking on mail lists. I am afraid I will have a problem
> to explain him, that this is the best way. He reads the book, but
> IMHO he will have to ask people when he does not understand
> something more complicated. Maybe this is something specific to sisters?

The funniest bit is this is EXACTLY my brother, to a T.  It's
me who reads a zillioon mailing lists and finds stuff out by
experimentation, RTFM'ing and mailing lists :)

Women in Debian might be quiet, but we're here.


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