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Re: Bug#762194: On automatic init system switching on upgrade

Has the TC asked whether any of the stakeholders want help?
I understand why absent options you may not want to do something.
But is the release-team and the d-i team and other stakeholders happy
with the status quo?

I think the answer is yes.  However, you've had a number of situations
recently where you've published a decision and gotten a kind of
surprised reaction from a nontrivial stakeholder recently.  It would be
highly unfortunate now to decide not to override and then a week later
to learn that the release team was worried about the upgrade situation.

I specifically suggest that someone mail -release  and any
other stakeholders that have not already spoken up and ask if there are
issues where they would like a dialogue with the TC.

I believe the systemd maintainers have already said they are happy.  I
believe that someone from the installer team has commented on the
question of prompting at install time, so actually  perhaps that's the
only issue where -boot would be a stakeholder, and it may be as simple
as checking in with the release team.  It may be they already spoke up
and I just missed their input.


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