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Re: Bug#762194: On automatic init system switching on upgrade

On Wed, 2014-11-19 at 13:51 +0100, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to see an end to open questions on systemd in Jessie.
> So, given that the GR is over and no technical proposals for not
> switching init systems on upgrade to Jessie have been made, is it
> possible to draw a conclusion to this issue now? I'm not sure there is
> much to gain from waiting longer...

Hi Ansgar and especially the ctte members,

Now when the GR outome is know it is time for the ctte to resolve the
bug report first issued by me in #747535, then issued by Ian in #762194
to the ctte, and then by me to the ctte in #765803. According to the
ctte announcement 
the important parts of that text is:

3. We do not want to prejudge, interfere with, or contradict, the
   General Resolution process on init systems which is currently
   ongoing.  Some of the GR options imply that automatic switching
   (both during upgrades, and during leaf package installations) will
   be necessary in at least some circumstances.

The GR is now resolved: No GR required.

4. For the moment, we invite concrete proposals for technical changes
   which would arrange that 1. new jessie installations using Linux
   would get systemd but 2. existing installations retain their
   existing init system so far as possible.

Solutions exists or are in the works for solving this.

5. After the result of the General Resolution is known, we intend to
   formally resolve the question of automatic switching of init
   systems.  Our decision on that question will of course be
   consistent with the successful General Resolution option, whatever
   that may be.

This issue is not resolved, and since the GR did not give any answer on
the above problem, this question now bounces back to the ctte! Now with
three less members, down to five :( Or can the resigning members still
be part of deciding on this issue?

Note also that the bug about automatic switching of init systems was
issued in March this year by me, and brought to the ctte in September
by Ian and me in October. Ian is/was was in the ctte, but I'm not, so
the question about if a ctte member can issue an issue to the ctte, and
vote at the same time does not apply in this case. (in case somebody
questions the involvement by Ian (as has been done)).

Bug #746578 is now resolved by the ctte in
about the order of systemd-shim and systemd-sysv, but the above bugs
still have to be resolved by the ctte. So Ansgar, this has to be
dragged on for still some while.

Thank you for your attention.

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