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I am resigning from the Technical Committee with immediate effect.

While it is important that the views of the 30-40% of the project who
agree with me should continue to be represented on the TC, I myself am
clearly too controversial a figure at this point to do so.  I should
step aside to try to reduce the extent to which conversations about
the project's governance are personalised.

And, speaking personally, I am exhausted.

The majority of the project have voted to say that it was wrong of me
to bring this GR at this time.  Despite everything that's happened, I
respectfully disagree.  I hope that the next time a controversial
issue arises, someone will step forward to advance what might be a
minority view.

Thanks to everyone who has served with me on the TC.  I wish those who
remain on the TC the best for the future and I hope that you'll find
colleagues who are as good to work with as you have been to me.

I now hope to spend more of my free software time doing programming.
dgit is at the top of my Debian queue, but some of my GNU and SGO
projects could do with attention too.


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