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Understanding the current state

There's been a lot of mail in the last couple of days and I'll admit to
a bit of uncertainty to where things stand.  I'd appreciate it if people
would correct me if I've gotten anything wrong:

1) Bdale's resolution is waiting for a casting vote to be declared.  It
may be possible for a TC member to change their vote prior to that.

2) Russ and Steve were discussing text for a coupling option.  That's
still a live discussion, right?  The fact that there haven't been any
messages there is more about spending your time on other things and not
a sign you've given up?

3) Ian's resolution on coupling (approximately L from the previous
ballot) currently has two votes cast and meets quorum.  If the voting
period expires with no additional votes cast, that resolution would

4) All other resolutions being voted on by the TC have not yet met

Thanks for your patience with these questions.

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