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Re: Bug#727708: A general resolution is needed. The 100 systemd users shouldn't be able to take over debian linux. They're in the right place, but their decision to foist this on us should be overruled.

I... know... I probably shouldn't be sticking my nose back in this thread. My previous message generated a non-insignificant amount of negative attention.

However, I... have a question to pose for you.

If I understand your terminology correctly... you are calling for a General Resolution which is outlined here:  https://www.debian.org/vote/howto_proposal

If you noticed that I like linking to source documents when possible, that's because we need to set a baseline that everybody involved can work with.  The basic idea of the General Resolution, if I understand the documentation correctly, is that every Debian Maintainer gets to vote on a specific subject.

If my understanding of a GR is correct... what makes you so sure that a General Resolution would result in the deselection of systemd as a default init system for the /Linux-ports of Debian Operating System? 

Maybe I'm missing something here... but I think it's already been empirically demonstrated that the vast majority of Linux Kernel Developers, Open Source Contributors, Free and Open Source software supporters, as well as a significant amount of the downstream Debian users... want Debian to adopt the systemd packages.  Indeed, several emails from Debian Developers on this mailing list have indicated that the adoption of non-init systemd components is going to happen regardless of any other action.  

So... why would a GR change that?  What happens if a GR does not have the expected outcome?  

You, and other posters, seem pretty hung up on the idea that a GR would somehow magically change the events-in-progress.  Just, how exactly are you drawing that conclusion? What evidence has convinced you that Debian is being quote/unquote Overtaken?

Jason Frothingham.

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