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Re: Understanding the current state

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> 2) Russ and Steve were discussing text for a coupling option.  That's
> still a live discussion, right?  The fact that there haven't been any
> messages there is more about spending your time on other things and not
> a sign you've given up?

I suspect they were waiting for the dust to settle on my CFV before
proceeding.  I certainly consider it still a live discussion.

> 3) Ian's resolution on coupling (approximately L from the previous
> ballot) currently has two votes cast and meets quorum.  If the voting
> period expires with no additional votes cast, that resolution would
> pass.

I agree with your interpretation.  Under the circumstances, I think
voting FD on this ballot and allowing Russ and Steve's discussion to
lead naturally to a fresh ballot would be the best way forward.

> 4) All other resolutions being voted on by the TC have not yet met
> quorum.

Agreed.  I think it might be wise for committee members to each
explicitly vote them all rather than assuming they will expire without
surprises or be withdrawn by Ian.  I intend to vote FD first on each
pending resolution to clear the air and let the Russ and Steve
discussion proceed unencumbered.  


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