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Re: Call to fork

>>>>> "debianfan" == debianfan  <debianfan@hushmail.com> writes:

    debianfan>    I would like to propose forking Debian if the ctte
    debianfan> committee selects systemd 

It's with great hesitation that I jump in here, and I know what I'm
 doing is wrong.
I hope I've earned enough credibility over the years in the project  to
 make a constructive but off-topic comment.

In all seriousness.
Forking, or creating a Debian downstream because you'd like a different
boot approach sounds like exactly the sort of constructive approach that
will help you solve your problems and get an operating system you're
happy with.

Many people have created Debian derivatives.  Debian is great for that
sort of thing.

We even work with people who create Debian derivatives on a regular

In this instance I'm quite positive that if interesting technical work
is done on such a fork several Debian developers will be delighted to
discuss what parts of it can be merged back in.

Deriving from Debian is a great way to provide a custom experience.
If you find that our boot strategy doesn't work for you and you cannot
make the improvements you wish within Debian, then such a fork would be
a great way to constructively help us all out.

however, the Debian TC list is not the right place to plan or ask about
how to create a Debian derivative.

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