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Bug#727708: Call for votes on init system resolution

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:
> Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> writes:
>> On Thu, 06 Feb 2014, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
>>> So let me expand on that a little.  Image the following options
>>> - A: something that doesn't overrule the ctte (1:1)
>>> - B: something that does overrule the ctte (2:1)
>>> - FD
>> In this case, I don't know A could be anything but 2:1, baring riders
>> from the CTTE. If A is technical, it needs the power of the CTTE under
>> §4.1.4 which requires 2:1. [I suppose something could be written which
>> would fall under the DPL's remit.]
>> As I understand it, we'd like to make everything be 1:1, and the method
>> we're trying is to write a proposal in such a way that it automatically
>> enshrouds a non-technical statement by the project in the power of the
>> CTTE.
>> It may be that we can't actually do that, and should instead just have
>> an agreement between CTTE members to enact a decision which followed a
>> position statement GR under §4.1.5.
> I think what we're trying to say looks something like this:
>     If the project holds a GR vote on the topic of the default init
>     system, the winning option of that vote replaces this text in its
>     entirety and becomes the decision of the Technical Committee.  The
>     winning option of the GR vote for this purpose will be decided
>     following the normal rules for deciding the outcome of a General
>     Resolution, with the exception that the 2:1 majority normally required
>     to overule the Technical Committee will not be taken into account.
> I think this works, although it does create the possibility of a rather
> odd situation, and I'm not quite sure how it would work procedurally.
[more complicated stuff snipped]

It is not at all clear to me why the CTTE so desperately wants to
automatically defer to a GR in their resolution. If there is consensus
to defer to a GR with simple majority among the CTTE, surely it would be
easy enough to revoke or change the resolution if/when a GR has actually


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