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Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

Bdale Garbee writes ("call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie"):
> I propose we take the simplest possible "next step".  [...]
> Therefore, I call for votes on the following ballot.

Bdale, I am really quite upset by this.  Not because you have
pre-empted my own draft - you're quite entitled to do that.

But, calling for an immediate vote on a resolution text which you have
just pulled out of your pocket, on such a contentious issue, is I
think wholly inappropriate.

You should at the very least have given the TC members a while to
propose amendments (as contemplated by the Constitution's Standard
Resolution Procedure).  (The period for amendments can indeed by
eliminated by TC members' actions, as you have done, but that is
because we trust the TC members not to abuse that ability.)

For example, if you had given us a few days to read your proposal I
would have been able to point out that you missed out the part which
says that the TC resolution can be overruled by GR with a simple
majority.  By proceeding in this way you are risking making a liar out
of me, when I predicted on -project that the TC's resolution would
indeed include such a clause.

I urge all of the TC to vote Bdale's resolution down and then we can
(for example) at least fix the GR overruling problem.

I have other reasons why I would vote FD on this resolution, but they
aren't important right now.


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