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Re: call for votes on default Linux init system for jessie

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Bdale Garbee wrote:
> I've spent much of the last few days pondering the current state
> of the TC's init system debate, and what our next step(s) should be.
> The original question posed to us in bug #727708 was to "vote on and
> decide the default init system for Debian".  Two things have become
> clear to me in the ensuing discussion.
> First, the best choice for our Linux-based architectures may not be the
> best choice for our non-Linux architectures, so trying to decide a on
> single default init system for all possible Debian architectures may
> not make sense.  I agree that philosophically it would be nice if this
> worked, but as the Linux kernel and relevant applications continue to
> evolve new capabilities at a rate different from the other kernels we
> attend to, this feels like it's becoming more of a challenge over time.
> Second, even within our Linux architectures, it seems that there can be
> compelling reasons to choose an alternative init system for some target
> environments.  This leads me to want to let Debian's normal processes
> of competition and selection work to the greatest extent possible, enabling
> those who are interested to pursue and maintain alternative init systems
> at whatever level of functionality is necessary to meet their needs.
> After reviewing Ian's current ballot draft in our repository, I believe
> that trying to drive such a ballot forward to a TC vote would be be
> difficult.  This leads me to consider a different approach to try and
> get things rolling productively again.
> I propose we take the simplest possible "next step".  Let's vote just
> on the question of what the default init system for Linux architectures
> should be in jessie.  Once we have an answer to this question, it seems
> to me that we would be "over the hump" and more likely to be able to
> re-focus our attention on all the secondary questions, like what our
> transition plan should be, whether we should try to dictate a default for
> non-Linux architectures, how and to what extent alternate init systems
> should be supported, and so forth.  Most importantly, we could start
> *collaborating* again... which is something I fervently wish for!
> Therefore, I call for votes on the following ballot.  If any of you feel
> that this is the wrong way to proceed, feel free to vote further discussion
> above all other options.  I would appreciate votes from all TC members
> on this ballot as soon as possible, at least before the end of January.
> Ballot:
>   The default init system for Linux architectures in jessie should be
>   1.  systemd
>   2.  upstart
>   3.  openrc
>   4.  sysvinit (no change)
>   5.  requires further discussion.

What about "let the project evolve" it's own solution, and well maybe
that is the sysvinit option?

Personally, I've been working on init-select, which gives the power to the user:

I still don't understand the need for any rush to actually change the
default in time for jessie, as long as the user has choice among the

Best wishes,

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