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Re: mumble and celt, #682010, TC

The context is the problems with mumble and celt, which have been
referred to the Technical Committee (of which I'm a member).

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: mumble and celt, #682010, TC"):
> So in summary, the conclusion seems to be:
>  * If we cannot find a maintainer for celt who looks like they'll be
>    able to handle it for the lifetime of wheezy then we need to allow
>    the current mumble (and perhaps other rdepends) in sid to propagate
>    and will then be able to remove celt from wheezy.

Thorvald: you are listed as the maintainer for mumble, along with Ron.
Patrick: you seem to have been involved in mumble recently.  

Ron evidently has no interest in maintaining celt in wheezy, and we
need a maintainer for the celt package so that wheezy's mumble will
interoperate properly.

I see that the mumble package itself has embedded copies of various
versions of celt.  Are either of you happy to maintain the
non-embedded celt 0.7.1 package in wheezy as well ?

Do you need co-maintainers, sponsors, etc. ?


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