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Re: mumble and celt, #682010, TC

[resent... signed this time. Again]

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 05:45:27PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > * That the package is likely to be able to communicate with
> > non-debian
> > derived distributions.
> The information we seem to be getting is that it is indeed likely that
> the mumble we have will be able to do so, because mumble upstream have
> somehow nominated or blessed 0.7.1.

The above may, or may not conflict with:

>  * If we cannot find a maintainer for celt who looks like they'll be
>    able to handle it for the lifetime of wheezy then we need to allow
>    the current mumble (and perhaps other rdepends) in sid to propagate
>    and will then be able to remove celt from wheezy.

I would be concerned if the mumble client in wheezy isn't able to call
non-debian derived mumble servers.

>  * We need to decide whether any other rdepends on celt in wheezy need
>    to have the celt support removed in wheezy.

A quick "dak rm -R -n -s testing celt" seems to think not, but I could
be wrong.


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