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mumble and celt, #682010, TC

(Please would others avoid CCing debian-release@ and security@, who
are probably very busy and don't want to get tons of argument in their

The problem with mumble and the celt codec has been referred to the TC
- see the bug mentioned above.  I would be interested to hear from the
security and release teams.

We are told that the problem is that current sid's mumble is not
capable of talking to most other instances of mumble, because the
transition to the very new opus codec is still underway.

(mumble is a voice chat program commonly used by both gamers and
conference organisers etc.; I've seen it used at Ubuntu meetings and
also used it myself for online games.  It's a useful alternative to
some well known and awkward proprietary programs.)

In particular:

 * Do the security team have an opinion about the celt 0.7.1 codec?
   Would you want to impose any conditions for it to be included
   in wheey ?

 * Would the release team be happy with a reintroduction for wheezy of
   the celt package containing the 0.7.1 codec ?  I don't know yet
   whether mumble would need to be updated too.  Obviously this would
   have to be done promptly.

Obviously it would have been better for this all to have been raised
before the release.  Unfortunately the discussions amongst the
participants seem to have become very personal and the matter has only
just now been raised with the TC.


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