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Re: Draft GR for permitting private discussion

Michael Gilbert:
> So, anyway, after all of that, I would actually rather see this GR go
> in the opposite direction and instead uphold the ideal of full
> transparency in all works of the tech committee.  I am not naive
> enough to believe in this cabal idea, but enforcement of transparency
> eliminates the ability for project members to even start jumping at
> the perception that there is one.

I think that here on the TC list is not really the place to have this
discussion.  I think the TC are basically agreed that we should
propose a GR along roughly these lines.  The point of the conversation
here on the TC list is to get the draft right, and to understand in
slightly more detail why each of us support it.

When it comes to the wider question - the question of principle,
indeed - I think the conversation should happen on -project as part of
the formal GR discussion process.  That will give it a much more
appropriate visibility.

So for now, thanks for your comments, Michael, but I'm therefore going
to defer a response.  I'd encourage you to defer raising these points
until then; that will save us having the same conversation twice.


(If I thought you were likely to convince TC members then it would be
different of course, but we have discussed this point both in email
and irc and where possible in person and that doesn't seem likely to
me.  See also Russ's response, which I agree with.)

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