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Re: node

* Neil McGovern [2012-06-06 13:35 +0100]:
> Presumeably the packages which did this would then be RC buggy with
> trivial fixes and could be processed using standard NMU rules as allowed
> for during the freeze.

If I understand you correctly, then you just implied that you won't deny
freeze exceptions (at least in an early freeze phase) for nodejs related
packages if they are RC buggy in unstable due to the need to adapt to
a different command name even if they are not in testing yet.

I have prepared a possible team upload (in this case an euphemism for
a NMU either acknowledged or uploaded by the maintainers) for node that
updates the packaging to use a recent debhelper version and so on and
produces the same files in the data.tar.gz as rebuilding the current
package would produce (except of the changelog and due to lintian fixes
the copyright file).  I also have an early WIP patch against upstream
that allows renaming node and adapting the man pages via ./configure.
I plan to improve this patch, add it to the possible team upload and
propose it to node's maintainers soonish.  As a result of this, the size
and the complexity of a diff that would need to be reviewed by you if
node doesn't get uploaded with a new name before the freeze would be
significantly reduced.

Both together reduces time pressure a bit, but the time is getting short
even with this reduced time pressure.


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