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Re: IRC Meeting (Thursday, May 31, 2012) Notes and Logs (Time in PDT)

Don Armstrong writes ("IRC Meeting (Thursday, May 31, 2012) Notes and Logs (Time in PDT)"):
> Thursday, May 31, 2012
> * Hardening Build Flags #552688

NB that the list of ACTIONs in what appears to be a summary in Don's
mail is not complete.  Here is the result of grep:


 10:37:18 <vorlon> [ACTION] vorlon to write up a resolution for bug
			    #614907 based on

 10:47:31 <vorlon> [ACTION] Diziet to sort out a private mailing list
			    for the TC via lists.debian.org

 11:20:02 <vorlon> [ACTION] vorlon to write up a proposed ballot option
			    for bug #636783

  I would also be happy to do this and indeed was intending to.  I
  have been speaking to secretary@ about the constitutional process re
  amendments.  I hadn't noticed this action from Steve.  Steve, shall
  I take this one on ?


 10:08:50 <vorlon> [ACTION] rra to close bug #552688 as resolved

 11:23:44 <Diziet> [ACTION] Diziet to send notice of next meeting


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