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Re: node

* Jonathan Nieder [2012-06-05 19:52 -0500]:
> Carsten Hey wrote:
> >      it would be reasonable for the nodejs maintainers to stop working
> > on implementing your ruling after the hamradio node has been renamed and
> > to tell users to use backports after the Wheezy release.
> I hope you are not serious.

What I described is not the only reasonable option for them and I did
not want to imply that nodejs maintainers should do this.

I wanted to ensure that the TC knows that nodejs' maintainers could do
this since they can not be forced to work on any Debian related task and
if nobody else would step in to upload about twenty packages before the
freeze, nodejs would presumably not be part of Wheezy.

A discussion of arguments for and against doing so would neither be
helpful nor on-topic on this list.  Anyway, I think that I should
mention that "we don't like the ruling, so we boycott it and harm the
upcoming release" would not be among the arguments to consider.


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