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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

So as I understand it:
 * Andreas argues that he became the lead/sole maintainer with his
   commit of 2005-02-02 and that he is therefore the current
 * Raphael argues that that commit isn't definitive and that we should
   regard Raphael and Andreas as co-maintainers.

This is relevant for deciding what the status quo is but not for any
other purpose AIUI.  The TC will probably tend towards the status quo
by default, but it's certainly not definitive.

I'd like to ask Andreas and Raphael how they each propose to handle
the maintainership of this package in future.

It seems clear to me that Andreas wants to be the primary maintainer
and to reserve the authority to make changes, grant commit access,
etc.  Andreas: do you have any assistants/colleagues/etc. who would be
willing to help you with that so that you don't become a bottleneck ?

Raphael says he wants a team.  Raphael: what team did you have in
mind ?  Who will help you ?

I'd also like each of you to answer: if the TC rules in your favour,
how do you plan to deal with your opponent in this dispute ?

Another possible way for the TC to decide on this kind of question is
to ask the developers to each prepare a package and then for the TC to
choose between them.  Do you think that would be appropriate in this
case ?  Would it be a fair fight ?  How long would you need ?


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