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Bug#436093: Please decide on the "ownership" of the developers reference

Actually, I think all these "solutions" have the same issue:

There used to be a working process for the developers reference.

Than someone came, tried to hijack it and now forces me to adjust my
process on the fly, while threading me to ignore me in future again.
That is something I'm not going to accept. This is really driving me so
unhappy and frustrated that I consider currently to drastically reduce
my involvment in Debian, because it just annoys me totally.

Of course, in the general case, if someone approaches me and asks me how
he could contribute to an area I'm responsible for (whether that is the
developers reference, or any other debian package, or anything else),
I'm always interessted in finding a good working way for all people
involved. But that only works if the person interested in joining shows
a minimal respect for the work of the lead maintainer, and that person's
style of work. (Of course, the same is true if I join another team - I
don't start by telling everybody that they have to use my way of

I am interessted in finding a way how other interessted people could
prepare changes in a way closer to the VCS used. However, we are
speaking of a document which had a working process until 48 hours ago,
until someone just came and committed once again, even though I asked
quite often "please do not".

So I propose to first fix that status back to the working one, and then
start (and then it is off-topic for the tech ctte) to find a good way
how everyone involved can work on it. But please do not start with
destroying a working way first.


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