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Re: developers-reference: patch re: replacing files on the ftp site

Branden Robinson writes ("Re: developers-reference: patch re: replacing files on the ftp site"):
> I still think it would be a good idea if the Technical Committee
> documented its decision per 6.3.3.

You are right, of course.  However, there are probably better things
we could be doing than going through our old mail archives documenting
or formalising old decisions.  If this matter is no longer disputed,
then it's probably easier for everyone to leave it be.

With respect to your complaints:

>[illusion that]
> 	1) the Technical Committee is a going concern;

I agree that the TC is not as active as it should be.  However, we
have not been entirely idle.  For my own part I admit a large share of
the responsibility for failing to drive matters and am trying to
change my working patterns to give the TC email much higher priority.


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