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Re: Bug#119517: pcmcia-cs: cardinfo binary needs to move into a separate package

The current state of this seems to be:

* Everyone agrees that it's not ideal for programs to fail in this
way.  There is disagreement about whether it should be always strictly
forbidden in every case, or whether there are other tradeoffs
etc. that might justify it.  (I can't quite make out whether Anthony
and Manoj are really saying that a strict rule should be made.)

* Anthony and Manoj feel that cardinfo should be split.  I feel that
it should remain the same.

* No-one else on the committee has said anything else of substance.

To overrule a developer requires a 3:1 supermajority, which is not
currently apparently available.  I was hoping that some of the other
TC members would comment, but it seems they're all apathetic.

We haven't ever been here before, but it seems to me that the best
course of action would be to formulate a resolution overruling the
pcmcia-cs maintainer's decision and vote on it.  If it fails, we have
at least cleared the question off our books.


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