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developers-reference: patch re: replacing files on the ftp site

reassign 150392 developers-reference
retitle 150392 developers-reference: patch re: replacing files on the ftp site
severity 150392 wishlist

Branden, if you weren't so obsessed with your political maneuvering, you
might've realised it'd take less effort and time to write a paragraph
about this yourself and send it off to the developers-reference
maintainers. Of course, maybe your goal's to embarrass ftpmaster or to
waste the the tech-ctte's time or similar, in which case I guess doing
a patch wouldn't do you much good *shrug*.

$ diff -u developers-reference.sgml{.orig,}
--- developers-reference.sgml.orig      Thu Jun 20 19:54:44 2002
+++ developers-reference.sgml   Thu Jun 20 20:05:41 2002
@@ -2355,6 +2355,17 @@
 against <tt>ftp.debian.org</tt> asking to remove the package with the
 obsolete name. Do not forget to properly reassign the package's bugs
 at the same time.
+       <p>
+At other times, you may make a mistake in constructing your package, and
+wish to replace it. The only way to do this is to increase the version
+number, and upload a new version. The old version will be expired in
+the usual manner.  Note that this applies to each part of your package,
+include the sources: if you wish to replace the upstream source tarball
+of your pakcage, you will need to upload it with a different version. An
+easy possibility is to replace <file>foo_1.00.orig.tar.gz</file> with
+<file>foo_1.00+0.orig.tar.gz</file>. This restriction gives each file
+on the ftp site a unique name, which helps to ensure consistency across the
+mirror network.
       <sect1 id="orphaning">Orphaning a package

It's against the 3.0 source.


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