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Re: Release-critical bugs, and #97671

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Release-critical bugs, and #97671"):
> I therefore hereby propose the following resolution of the Technical
> Committee:

(Full resolution below.)

No-one has commented to say they object to us punting on this one, so
I hereby call for a vote on the resolution I proposed on Monday.  If
anyone votes against, or proposes an amendment, I'll probably withdraw
the resolution so we can talk about it.



We note that

* This dispute contains both technical and process (ie political)
  elements; however, it has not been possible to identify a clear
  technical dispute which as at the heart of the problem.
* The heart of the problem seems to be a disagreement over the proper
  use of various tagging features of the bug tracking system.  This
  is a process matter.
* We do not feel that this decision is within our normal remit; the
  constitution suggests that the project leader and delegates would
  be responsible.
* The bug system administrators would seem to be the most relevant
* We are not sufficiently united in our opinions that we feel that
  the Committee should issue any formal advice or opinion.
* Should a disputed technical question be raised, we would be happy
  to answer it.

We therefore recommend that

* The bug system administrators and/or the project leader or some
  other delegates appointed by the project leader decide on the
  proper use of the bug system features.

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