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Re: Bug#119517: pcmcia-cs: cardinfo binary needs to move into a separate package

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ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk (Ian Jackson) writes:

> * No-one else on the committee has said anything else of substance.

I have personally been willing to tolerate the situation where a package 
delivers several binaries, one of which might only work if some "suggested" 
other package was also installed.  I know of cases where the affected binary 
wasn't necessary to the general use of the package, and breaking it into a 
separate single-binary package just didn't feel all that useful.  In the days
when everyone running Debian used a package management front-end that made
"suggests" relationships obvious, this feel like a reasonable tradeoff between
strict dependencies and package count bloat.

Times have changed.

In discussing this with Manoj on IRC, I realized that arguing in favor of
tolerating broken run-time dependencies wasn't really a position I wanted to
take.  So, when the question is called, I think the only "right" answer is to
expect packaging to cause run-time dependencies to be fulfilled, suggesting 
that in this and similar cases splitting the "offending" binary into a 
separate package that pulls in the "extra" dependencies is the right thing 
to do.

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