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Re: Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

Dale Scheetz writes ("Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair"):
> Member                  Vote
> Manoj                   Dwarf
> Raul                    Dwarf
> Dwarf                   Raul
> Ian                     Raul
> We need at least one more vote to make this final, and so far neither Klee
> or Guy has been heard from at all.

We have four people voting out of a committee of six, we should be
able to resolve this.  If the above summary is true then Dale prefers
Raul and Raul prefers Dale !

If one of Manoj and I change our minds then the Raul and Dale can just
both agree with us, giving us a chairman.  Alternatively, we could
informally ask Wichert to pick one of the two.

But as I observed earlier, having no chairman doesn't paralyse us.


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