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Re: Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Dale Scheetz writes ("Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair"):
> > Member                  Vote
> > 
> > Manoj                   Dwarf
> > Raul                    Dwarf
> > Dwarf                   Raul
> > Ian                     Raul
> > 
> > We need at least one more vote to make this final, and so far neither Klee
> > or Guy has been heard from at all.
> We have four people voting out of a committee of six, we should be
> able to resolve this.  If the above summary is true then Dale prefers
> Raul and Raul prefers Dale !

This was Klee's reply:

Actually, I was hoping to abstain.  I'd be happy with either Dwarf or
Raul as chairman (or for that matter anyone on the committee who feels
up to the job), but haven't worked with either of them closely enough
or recently enough to feel comfortable casting the (seemingly)
decisive vote.

But I agree that we need to find a chairman quickly, so that we can
move on to more useful business.  So:

1) Raul
2) Dale

Let me know when and where I need to make my "public acclamation," and
I'll be happy to do so.

> If one of Manoj and I change our minds then the Raul and Dale can just
> both agree with us, giving us a chairman.  Alternatively, we could
> informally ask Wichert to pick one of the two.

No one need change their vote. We "realy" do have enough active members to

> But as I observed earlier, having no chairman doesn't paralyse us.
But it _does_ seem to be decided. I read the vote for Raul <whew> and
suggest the issue is resolved that that we should get down to business.


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