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Re: Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

> Dale Scheetz writes ("Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair"):
> > Member                  Vote
> > 
> > Manoj                   Dwarf
> > Raul                    Dwarf
> > Dwarf                   Raul
> > Ian                     Raul
> > 
> > We need at least one more vote to make this final, and so far neither Klee
> > or Guy has been heard from at all.

On Fri, Aug 20, 1999 at 11:27:24PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> We have four people voting out of a committee of six, we should be
> able to resolve this.  If the above summary is true then Dale prefers
> Raul and Raul prefers Dale !

The above summary was true at the time, but on the 18th Klee voted
as well, and he expressed a preference for me above Dale.  Also on
the 18th, I responded and added a preference for me above Dale (so
that the results would be unambiguous).

I hope you've received these emails?

> If one of Manoj and I change our minds then the Raul and Dale can just
> both agree with us, giving us a chairman.  Alternatively, we could
> informally ask Wichert to pick one of the two.
> But as I observed earlier, having no chairman doesn't paralyse us.

That is excellent -- however, it means I need to read through the
constitution again because I missed that point the last few times
I read over it, and I want to make sure I've not missed any more
significant points.

[Also, I must apologize: I had meant to call a vote on Friday the 19th,
but between having our power off at home for several days and then my
daughter winding up in the hospital I've not been able to give this
issue the attention it deserves.  Right now, I can't sleep and so I'm
browsing email..  I hope that in a day or two I can put together a formal
ballot, as I'm obligated to.]

If people want to change their votes to install Dale as chairman let
me know so I can change my vote too, I'll try to be checking my email
between now and then.


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