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Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

Before we can decide on the current proposals before us, I believe we need
to settle the issue of the Chair, so we have a mechanism to call a vote.

As I understand the current situation, Raul and myself are the only two
candidates, and the current vote is split evenly between us:

Member                  Vote

Manoj                   Dwarf
Raul                    Dwarf
Dwarf                   Raul
Ian                     Raul

We need at least one more vote to make this final, and so far neither Klee
or Guy has been heard from at all.

I may not be correct, but it was my understanding that the DPL was also,
"automaticly" a member of this committee. Even if that is not to be the
case in the future, I believe we should treat him as an honorary member
and ask him to break the tie. If no one objects to this proceedure, we can
then get on with the business at hand. I have cc'd "our fearless leader"
on this posting so we can get his feedback as well.

Waiting is,

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