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Re: Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

On Wed, Aug 18, 1999 at 03:59:06PM -0700, Klee Dienes wrote:
> But I agree that we need to find a chairman quickly, so that we can
> move on to more useful business.  So:
> 1) Raul
> 2) Dale
> Let me know when and where I need to make my "public acclamation," and
> I'll be happy to do so.

Ok, I'm changing my vote so that I'm voting for myself over Dale, and
that settles it.

[If anyone feels a burning need to be chairman, let me/us know and we'll
see what we can do about it then..]

Klee: by announcing it to this list, that's enough of a public
acclamation.  [There would have been a problem with unarchived votes not
being available to the public, but you and Guy appear to be fixing that.]

I'm going to go get a bite to eat and think for a bit then I'll try
doing my job as chairman on these /usr/doc proposals.



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