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Re: Technical committee mails ?

Manoj, I may have to appologize for this later, but between you and my
Father I have had it up to here <hand held over head as high as possible>
with both his and your behavior.

We are not your enemies. We are all trying to resolve this issue and a
fair and logical fashion. Yet you have treated us like usurping tyrants
and literally pissed on every attemp to come to terms with the needs you
have expressed. I have been working very hard to keep this on a technical
level and you insist on misinterpreting every thing I say as a personal
attack against yourself (the unquoted mail to which I am replying is rife
with such mistaken references). You even insist on denigrating my attempt
to modify Ian's proposal toward something that fits your professed
desires. If this is the way you handle the policy group, then it is no
small wonder that no one is willing to follow your directions.

You _are_ a member of this committee. You have known everyone on this
committee for more than a couple of years. It's about time you stopped
treating your fellows as if they were the enemy, divest yourself of
whatever emotional baggage you are carrying with reguard to this
particular proposal, and start doing your job as a committee member. That
requires that you not _first_ assume that we are conspiring to "grab
power" or any other such paranoid delusion, and start working with us as
though we were doing our best to arrive at a reasonable solution, because
that _is_ what is happening here, and your insistance that it is something
else is _really_ in the way.

I am personally fed up with your childish responses, and worthless
accusations. I am tired of having my time wasted in petty bickering and
uselss backbiting, and then being accused of not doing my job.


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