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Re: Calling Klee and Guy to vote for the Chair

On Wed, Aug 18, 1999 at 09:31:44AM -0400, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> Before we can decide on the current proposals before us, I believe we need
> to settle the issue of the Chair, so we have a mechanism to call a vote.
> As I understand the current situation, Raul and myself are the only two
> candidates, and the current vote is split evenly between us:
> Member                  Vote
> Manoj                   Dwarf
> Raul                    Dwarf

Actually, I've voted for both you and me -- I'm most interested
in getting a chairman quickly.

> Dwarf                   Raul
> Ian                     Raul
> We need at least one more vote to make this final, and so far neither Klee
> or Guy has been heard from at all.

I've gotten private email from Guy, and sent him a personal copy of the
committee email that I had on hand.  I expect to hear from him again real
soon now.

> I may not be correct, but it was my understanding that the DPL was also,
> "automaticly" a member of this committee. Even if that is not to be the
> case in the future, I believe we should treat him as an honorary member
> and ask him to break the tie. If no one objects to this proceedure, we can
> then get on with the business at hand. I have cc'd "our fearless leader"
> on this posting so we can get his feedback as well.

If anything it's the other way around -- the project leader cannot hold
the position of technical committee chairman.

More official actions that could be taken to straighten this out are:

(1) add a couple more people to the committee [would increase quorum by
one and add two voting members].

(2) remove Klee from the committee [requires that the project leader
and the committee agree -- presumably if the remainder of us could
agree that he should go, and Wichert agrees, that would suffice].
Then 3 people would constitute a majority and that would be that.

(3) some or all of us could change our votes.  [For example, if Manoj
could stomach me as committee chairman that would be the end of the
matter -- and I'd be the same chair if he agreed to drop Klee from
the committee.]  

(4) Guy could vote..  [Or, for that matter, Klee could vote.]


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