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Re: Technical committee mails ?

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:

> I'm still not getting them here, which is where I was just told I was
> subscribed.  Is that because there is no mail ?

Possibly. Asside from my reply to your last posting, I don't remember
seeing anything else.

> I propose the following resolution:
I like this, if for no other reason than it gives us three proposals to
consider, two of which are actually addressing the same issue ;-)

However I don't see how we can act on this until we have a Chair to call
for a vote. See my next posting...


>  Given that:
>  * Wichert has made an announcement saying we should preserve the
>  status quo pending a decision;
>  * it will obviously take a little while to make a decision,
>  particularly given that the technical committee's internal mechanisms
>  haven't been debugged yet because they've not previously been used;
>  * packages already using /usr/share/doc may make whatever decision we
>  come up with hard to implemement;
>  * people on debian-policy have tried getting the policy reverted to
>  preserve the status quo as requested by Wichert, with no avail;
>  * no analysis of the changes between FSSTND and FHS seems to have
>  been made to determine whether to make the change and if so how best
>  to do it;
>  The Technical Committee mandates that, firstly:
>  * Until a the a list of the differences between FSSTND and FHS, with
>  a decision whether to change and if applicable a transition plan for
>  each, has been prepared, Debian should continue to use the FHS.
>  And in particular:
>  * Until a decision on transition to FHS directories has been made by
>  the Committee, /usr/share/doc, /var/state and /var/mail should not
>  yet be used to by Debian packages.  Instead, packages should continue
>  to place files in and refer to /usr/doc, /var/lib and
>  /var/spool/mail.
>  Therefore:
>  * The policy manual should immediately be amended accordingly
>  immediately, to change the reference to the FHS back to the FSSTND,
>  and to add a comment saying that /usr/share/doc, /var/state and
>  /var/mail are not yet to be used or referred to.
>  * If the policy editors or policy group feel it necessary to ratify
>  this change to the policy manual with the formal policy process this
>  should be done after the policy has been changed; the policy editors
>  should change the policy manual and issue an updated version
>  immediately.
>  * Lintian and any other package checking software which has already
>  made the change to FHS should be changed back.
> Ian.

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