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please vote...

I agree with Manoj's "forest of symlinks" proposal -- I'm voting for it.

[I agree that we don't have any better options and that the other
proposals are significantly worse.]

                              * * * * *


(0) FHS is documented at http://www.pathname.com/fhs

(1) As a reminder: the voting period on tech committee issues
is one week (less if the outcome is obvious before then), and the quorum
is two votes.

(2) We still don't have a chairman.  I don't see anything in the
constititution which requires us to have a chairman before we can
vote, but this is an outstanding vote.  Here's the current 
committee lineup:

Manoj Srivastava:
	votes for Dale Scheetz as chairman

Dale Scheetz:
	votes for myself (Raul Miller) as chairman

Guy Maor:
	has not yet voted for a chairman

Ian Jackson:
	has not yet voted for a chairman

Klee Dienes:
	has not yet voted for a chairman

Raul Miller:
	I'm voting for both myself and Dale Scheetz as chairman

The leader vote continues until "all the members have voted
or when the outcome is no longer in doubt."  Since the outcome
will be in doubt until a few more people have voted, we need
more votes for the chairman.

I'm sending an explicity copy of this message to members who haven't
voted for a leader yet -- I'm hope that reminds people to vote.
[I've also altered the subject line with the same idea in mind.]


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