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Re: Bug#792281: texlive-latex-base: not Multi-Arch: foreign


Quoting Norbert Preining (2015-09-25 10:13:29)
> > mftrace complains:  texlive-fonts-recommended : Depends: texlive-base (>= 2015) but it is not going to be installed
> > That has:
> > Depends: texlive-base (>= 2015), tex-common (>= 6)
> > Breaks: texlive-base (<< 2015)
> > Not obvious to me why that shouldn't work. Anyone know what's up?
> No idea what that could be.

dose3 to the rescue!

$ dose-builddebcheck --failures --explain --deb-native-arch=amd64 \
	--deb-host-arch=armhf --checkonly=mftrace \
	Packages_sid_amd64 Packages_sid_armhf Packages_preining_amd64 \
	crossbuild-essential-armhf Sources
(omitting the output for brevity)

In short, texlive-base and texlive-binaries get properly taken from amd64. But
texlive-binaries also depends on t1utils and thus draws in t1utils:amd64.

The problem is, that the source package mftrace also has a direct build
dependency on t1utils. Since t1utils is M-A:no, crossbuilding mftrace for armhf
will draw in t1utils:armhf.

So we have one dependency path to t1utils:amd64 and one to t1utils:armhf. But
they cannot be co-installed so a conflict is created.

It seems that t1utils is a collection of font conversion tools. Maybe it can be
marked M-A:foreign, which would fix this problem.


cheers, josch

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