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Re: Bug#792281: texlive-latex-base: not Multi-Arch: foreign

Dear all,

I have now built tex-common and src:texlive-bin according to the
discussed changes:

> tex-common, texlive-lang, telxive-doc, texlive-base
> 	M-A: foreign
> texlive-binaries:	M-A: foreign
> lib*, lib*-dev:		M-A: same
> luatex: 	M-A: foreign (dummy transitional package)

and then tried to install the :i386 versions in a clean chroot
(cowbuilder) of amd64 arch. First adding the new arch with
dpkg --add-architecture i386 I then tried to install texlive-binaries:i386,
which failed badly, due to:
	texlive-binaries:i386 depends perl:i386
	perl:i386 depends perl-base:i386
	perl-base:i386 conflicts perl-base
The dependency that we have here is not strictly on a perl:i386, we just
need *any* perl interpreter for several scripts that are necessary
to be run (in particular updmap and fmtutil).

On the plus side, it didn't complain and properly selected tex-common:amd64
for installation.

Any suggestions how this should be handled from the M-A point of view?

(I have not built new texlive-base/doc/lang packages by now)


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