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Re: Bug#792281: texlive-latex-base: not Multi-Arch: foreign

Hi Johannes, dear all

thanks for your explanations, that helped a lot.

I have now made the following test:

>  - install a package in a foreign architecture that depends on texlive-binaries

Namely, install xdvik-ja:i386 on a amd64 system with the test packages
being available.

Installation went smoothly, and now I have the following packages
installed (packages related to TeX, with full arch specification):
		so we see that the M-A: same worked out
		no :i386 version is installed, although it is a 
		dependency of xdvik-ja:i386
plus some deps of texlive-binaries:amd64 (libptexenc etc in amd64).

So at least from this side it looks fine.

>  - crosscompile a source package that build depends on texlive-binaries (but I
>    hear Helmut already did that successfully)

I will leave that to one of you, as I hav eno idea how to cross-compile

In case you want to test the current status, please use
	deb http://www.preining.info/debian/ texlive multiarch
	deb-src http://www.preining.info/debian/ texlive multiarch
I will add packages for src:texlive-base soon(er or later - I am having
a intercontinental travel ahead tomorrow morning)

If you masters of M-A are happy with that, I am fine with rebuilding
everything and uploading it - with probably one change, the perl:any
dependency change.

Thanks a lot


PREINING, Norbert                               http://www.preining.info
JAIST, Japan                                 TeX Live & Debian Developer
GPG: 0x860CDC13   fp: F7D8 A928 26E3 16A1 9FA0  ACF0 6CAC A448 860C DC13

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