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Re: Bug#792281: texlive-latex-base: not Multi-Arch: foreign

+++ Norbert Preining [2015-09-23 23:17 +0900]:
> >  - crosscompile a source package that build depends on texlive-binaries (but I
> >    hear Helmut already did that successfully)
> I will leave that to one of you, as I hav eno idea how to cross-compile
> something.

OK, I tested installation of cross-build-deps for various packages
which have texlive build-deps this worked for a2ps (before
texlive-base was uploaded) (with some hackery of other build-deps,
also not yet multiarched), and musixtex

And for gpm with texlive-base uploaded. Which now crosses nicely in a
standard bare unstable chroot (with norberts test repo available).

Also cwebx, dieharder, waili, festival, cvs, bibclean, avrdude, pymol, velvet.

Quite a few packages don't install their tex-related build-deps yet:
(xnee, r-base, jags, sdformat, m-tx, systemtap, music, frobby, transfig, noweb) due to texlive-extra not being M-A yet 

mftrace complains:  texlive-fonts-recommended : Depends: texlive-base (>= 2015) but it is not going to be installed
That has:
Depends: texlive-base (>= 2015), tex-common (>= 6)
Breaks: texlive-base (<< 2015)
Not obvious to me why that shouldn't work. Anyone know what's up?

I tested a load of others which now all have an issue unrelated to tex.

I didn't test everything with build-deps. 

But overall this looks great. A load of previously
un-cross-installable things now have cross-installable
dependencies. If you do texlive-extra too then that'll fix a load

mftrace deserves further investigation, and once stuff is uploaded we
can do more build tests to see if everything actually works corrects
(as opposed to being merely installable).

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM

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